The traditional wardrobe , that built with classics, has been repeated over and over again, but the basic jewels that compose it are another story: although when building a capsule wardrobe accessories such as shoes and bags must enter the Listings that restrict the number of pieces, the jewels seem to be left out, as if they had a different status and yes, also more special. And in a way it is: they are one of the few complements, if they can be defined as such, that continue swimming in the (stupendous) cliché of emotional bonding, saving themselves from usefulness. Thus, while some shoes or a bag can fulfill a function, earrings , ringsnecklaces and others embrace the pure and hard aesthetics; one that, in addition, can refer to specific moments if your arrival at the jeweler responds to emotional or even emotional decisions: the self-gift to celebrate a small achievement, that of a different birthday, the purchase for which you have been saving time… Any experience is valid But there is a way to ensure that the crushes and their corresponding investments will continue to make you fall in love after many years: start with what can be considered basic jewels that never go out of style (and feel good for everyone) .

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The fervor that XL earrings have awakened among the public for several seasons is due, in large part, to the revisit of the aesthetics typical of the 80s. Sighting them in the street style was as easy as detecting them in e-commerce, and although they had the ability to turn a look of white shirt and jeans epatante something, they are native or hoop earrings real basic, especially in a medium or small size, suitable for day to day. The note of color or the unexpected twist are nullified in favor of an air of sophistication that, regardless of the material ( yellow gold is a value on the rise thanks to retro inspirationmany designs, but the gold white or pink are also popular; everything will depend on the preferences of whoever wears them), he manages to align himself with timelessness. The best? That like a good classic, the lines hide the differences.


No, they do not have to be wedding bands or engagement rings. It is that jewel that moves in that complicated but magnetic balance between the special and the basic; the ring that always makes you feel good when you look and that is part of that infallible uniform that those who master their tastes and their aesthetics already have well defined, as Phoebe Philo maintained . Here, the mentioned materials (that is, gold in its three variants ) are essential to ensure not only a good quality and durability of the piece, but also to keep within certain minimalist coordinatesThey guarantee the dose of discretion that is usually requested for routine, but that does not mean that smooth bands are the only option: stamps with messages or engraved initials can be (and even should be) contemplated , rings that contain colored stones ( as Boris Barboni , general director of Bvlgari Spain, pointed out , they are an investment to take into account due to their increasing scarcity); the small details of diamonds (bring light and depending on their size, can be more or less accessible) or designs vintage increasingly common,.

A pearl necklace

Perhaps it is one of the most classic and typical basic jewels of the wardrobe (or jewelery box), or at least it is one of the most immortalized throughout History and the one that has dragged the most topics associated with ages and styles . However, its resurgence has been forceful, leaving traces both in the collections of large firms (impossible to ignore that Gucci prefall 2019 ) and in the looks of different stylists and fashion editors . The process that it has undergone since then has been curious, because although the simplest and most timeless models are still the sure value, changes in lengths and finishes, including baroque pearls, are becoming increasingly popular,taking the necklace out of the sambenito of tradition and prepster style that has been felt in a large number of trends of the season. Note: it works with ensembles that redound to classicism, but also with others that move away from it, such as those that have their central pillar in sweatshirts.

A big ring

Although they may not be the obvious option for daily use, having a larger and more colorful piece in the jewelry box as visually significant as other smaller and more sensible ones, since they manage to bring some surprise to simple garments, as happens with other jewels of monumental measures. Alessandro Michele is one of the striking champions of the trend, as he demonstrates (again and again) on his Instagram profile , writing a particular user manual not only for XL rings, but for vintage rings . Compatriots like Giovanna Battaglia also joins the trend of wearing these large rings in a row (Better if there is some material in common, such as gold, or at least a cohesive chromatic line so as not to produce too much visual noise), but letting only one be the only protagonist of the hand is also a perfectly valid option.

Some combined pearl earrings

While the pearl necklace is still very current in its most normative version (despite all the variations there are), the pearl earrings have not followed the same path, finding in the reinvention their new status as a key jewel in the wardrobe and looks : the mentioned baroque pearls play a major role, as do the generous measures, their multiplication to create strips and their combination with other materialsand metals to obtain medium pieces that (almost) always hang. As in the rest of jewels, and at the back of the wardrobe, the silhouette is what will place these earrings in one or another aesthetic school, without compromising their infallibility: it is not the same to bet on rounded and smooth clasps than by others with an artisanal and imperfect aspect, such as those of the increasingly well-known Alighieri.

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A fine chain

Why is it so easy to attribute a high sentimental value to this particular gem? It is, perhaps, one of the first important jewels (with permission of the engagement rings) that are hoarded, and also one of the most used: they are restrained without falling into the bland and, one of its great points in favor, absolutely Customizable , while charms can be exchanged according to the tastes of the moment or the reasons that lead to vary or expand the jewelry collection. Those in yellow and rose gold are as common as they are indisputable, while for pendants, initials and medals They are two classics that have returned on more than one occasion to the podium of what is in fashion.

Some party earrings

As with the ring, having night spirit earrings for special occasions can be a great idea and life-saving on an aesthetic level: they solve a look in seconds if paired with jacket suits or a mythical little black dress , and if they do not fall into the most absolute maximalism, they can also be seen with more informal outfits in different contexts. The size usually goes from medium to large, regardless of whether the silhouette is closer to the elongated than the rounded, while the color range is as wide as (precious) stones include. What never fails? Silver and white sparkles that can be combined with some other tone.

A clock

It is a piece that in itself constitutes an aesthetic plea , especially in the digital age: whoever wears a watch today does so for sentimental and visual reasons rather than practicality. And it does not speak (only) of the classic, but of certain minimalism and basics that follow in the wake of containment and sophistication, in addition to, here is the squaring of the circle, the neo – bourgeois tendencies of the 70s and 90s that right now have become relevant again.