The current twist of events has forced most of us to stay at home, and women are now seeking ways to carry out their routine beauty procedures outside of the spa. Fortunately, we have lately witnessed the resurgence of dermaplaning, a facial treatment that was originally limited to the doctor’s office or performed by a trained esthetician in a medical spa. But with the invention of new devices like those from Dermaflash, you can now practice dermaplaning safely at home. 

For many people, finding themselves in front of a mirror squeezing out an unwanted blackhead is a common occurrence. This does more harm than good, as it often results in more blackheads. Purging your clogged skin also raises questions regarding the sanitary conditions of your skin. But thanks to new technologies like Dermapore, blackheads have never been easier to keep at bay.

Blackheads, scientifically known as open comedones, are essentially just a buildup of dead skin and oil in pores. The mixture then gets oxidized, which gives it the black color and its name. Blackheads are a great nuisance; they congest our chins and noses and even unwelcominglappear on our legs and backs. The need to get rid of these pesky blemishes is never ending because the more you try to eliminate them, the more they seem to appear. Many blackhead removal tools require that you wait as long as a couple of months to see results. So, when a unicorn of a product comes along, it is worthwhile to look into it. 

The Dermapore Blackhead Remover Tool

Dermapore is a product of Dermaflash, a company founded by Dara Levy. After spending six years at her med spa, Levy had yet to see an at-home dermaplaning solution. Using her five years of experience in dermaplaning at her medical spa, Levy set out to develop a range of tools that would help women access their favorite facial treatments from their homes. This led to the birth of Dermaflash, which focuses on developing and selling refined dermaplaning tools. The Dermapore blackhead remover tool works wonders by giving women smoother and blackhead-free skin. Some of the company’s other dermaplaning devices include the Dermaflash One and the Dermaflash Luxe, which are exfoliating and peach fuzz removal tools.

Dermaflash’s latest blackhead removal tool is powered by ultrasonic skin infusion and rubbing technology. The blackhead remover tool comes fully packed with two modes, infuse and extract, to offer a personalized treatment experience. These can be toggled using buttons located on the device. In extract mode, the device removes blackheads and cleans the skin by eliminating dead skin and oil in the pores. 

When the infuse mode is selected, Dermapore efficiently enhances the penetration of active ingredients by your favorite moisturizers and serums. This immediately causes the skin to glow and look healthier. For a more comfortable experience, the Dermapore is cleverly designed with a spatula-like head that provides access to even the tightest of skin areas. The device delivers a med spa-like facial treatment right to your home.

Popularity of Dermapore

As far as facial beauty treatments go, dermaplaning is having a limelight moment. It is not hard to see the origin of this phenomenal demand. If you get a close peek at the backstage kit of most famous makeup artists like Lizzo’s makeup artists, you are likely to find a Dermaflash device. Spend more than a minute on any beauty influencer’s Instagram page, and you’ll probably find a dermaplaning device as well.