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In response to the many questions we receive by guest bloggers to publish in the “the fit scene” blog, we have decided to put online a small guide that answers most of the FAQs that come to us for guest post opportunities.

So the first answer is: Yes, The Fit Scene (from now on beautyhealthytips) accepts articles by contributing writers.

Mail me: beautyguestposts@gmail.com

If you are interested in publishing your guest articles in beautyhealthytips, we request you to please read the following instructions and try to follow them as well as possible.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Guide for guest authors as a contributing writer to beautyhealthytips
    • 1.1 About the nature of the collaboration
    • 1.2 Content of the article
    • 1.3 Writing style
    • 1.4 About the Images and videos
    • 1.5 Author form (BIO)
  • 2 To finish
    • 2.1 Check List before submitting your article

Guide for guest authors as a contributing writer to BHT

About the nature of the collaboration

  1. The copyright belongs to you. You will always be the owner of your guest article. All contributions to our site are published under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. This means that you are the owner of your guest article and that you grant others permission to share, copy, adapt, distribute, execute, communicate it publicly. And make derivative works of it, provided they recognize you as the guest blogger (link included), share it under the same license, and do not use it for commercial or profit purposes.
  1. The publications are Ad-honorem, which means the guest authors do not receive monetary payment for publishing. Those who submit a post in this blog receive the recognition (Guest Post Courtesy) that implies publishing in a recognized medium with more than 16 years online, in addition to the links to their respective blogs or websites.


Guest Article Content

  1. First, before you start writing, you must propose an exciting topic for your blog post, whose content has to be directly related to the articles of our blog.
  2. Choose 2 or 3 possible titles and indicate the 2 or 3 most important keywords of the content, so you can see its SEO relevance and if it fits with the blog audience and has the opportunity to adjust details if necessary.
  3. Here it’s essential that the guest column you propose has not been previously published in any blog because nobody is going to publish a guest article that competes with the original content nor exactly with yours. This point is particularly challenging to accomplish, but you have to start your creativity to find at least a different approach; This is achieved by pointing to separate keywords.
  4. To make this point very clear, I will give you an example. Suppose you propose to submit guest post the following “Discover the best businesses to start from home,” here the keyword is “best businesses to start from home,” so in your article you cannot link an article in your blog to that same topic, using that same keyword.
  5. Why? Simply because I could not position my post by pointing the same keyword to yours. And if BHT can position the post, well, neither you nor me, it helps us.
  6. Submit your content with a minimum of 600 words. But the ideal would be more than 1,000 words, keep in mind that the average length of the blogs we publish is 2000 words.
  7. The content must be ORIGINAL and not duplicate.  Remember that Google penalizes these things. If you have an excellent article that was already published in another medium, you can always rewrite the article for BHT.
  8. Self-promotion: You can include up to 2 links to your posts at most, but always to different URLs (not links 2 times the same post) and not to services / commercial product pages. Make sure that the links to your blog articles are natural and that no forced promotion action is perceived. And for the reasons explained in point 3, the linked keywords cannot be the main ones of the guest article to be published.
  9. Link as long as appropriate.  Also, keep in mind that  I reserve the right to accept or not a link  (especially if I have doubts about it) and to add others.
  10. Comments. Usually, some comments are received. Please reply to all the messages in a reasonable time.
  11. We do not suggest a post that contains only or mostly commercial information about a person, company, website, product, or service. Such contributing writers are considered a public OTA and therefore have sponsored price.
  12. Once your article is published, it is convenient that you give yourself a “little push” by sharing it on your social networks.


Write For Us style

  1. Please write for us in a simple and not use too technical language, so that the content is easy to read and understand.  Explain the very technical terms you use (or link them to the Wikipedia definitions or some good post from other contributor writers blog that explains them).
  2. Some contributing writers have the habit of using capital letters to highlight words. Please try not to use capital letters, because it is equivalent to shouting on the Internet what does not go with our style.
  3. Remember that most readers scan the post before reading it. Therefore, try to highlight key phrases or ideas in your guest article with bold, but not abused.
  4. It is essential to facilitate reading,  use several subtitles within the guest post, and separate the narration into not very large paragraphs (3 or 4 lines maximum).
  5. Don’t be very repetitive or redundant; use synonyms.
  6. Please be very careful with spelling and writing. Check the post very well before delivering it. All word processors have proofreaders, you have to enable it and indicate the language.
  7. Submit blog post in Word file with the links included in hyperlink format in the words you want to link and in the same file.
  8. For other practical tips on how to “write for us” I recommend you check here.


About the images and videos

  1. I need a cover photo of the post (1200x800px) that makes sense with the theme of it. Or if you prefer, I can choose it myself.  
  2. To make the contributor guidelines or tutorials more attractive, try to include images or screenshots of excellent quality and  PNG format.
  3. Size of the images in the article: 600px for the full width, not more than 500px height, and the smallest possible file size (KB).
  4. For videos or presentations, pass me the codes, and I’ll embed them in the place of the guest post you want.
  5. The images or screenshots of your post,  send them to me as attachments in an email.
  6. Use a brief description text  (or legend) with keywords as the name of those photos or screenshots.
  7. Important: Indicate the name of the image file in the exact position where you want it to  appear inside the post

For example: In the same text, type

Here put the image “this-is-a-guest-post-by.jpg.”

Guest Author file (BIO)

I need a Bio describing you, of length not exceeding 400 characters (not words). In addition to your email address  (the one you use in your Gravatar.com account) to see a photo in the author ‘s post box, don’t forget to add the links to your blog and social networks. 

The Gravatar account is required for your photo to be seen. If you don’t have an account, please open it (it’s personal), and it doesn’t take you more than 2 minutes.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Remember to review the terms before you submit an article to see if you have added all the information requested. If an item has to come and go many times for not meeting the requirements, it produces wear that ruins the good relations between both stakeholders.

Check List For Accepting Guest Posts

  • Is the submitted article is clear and easy to read?
  • Do you have the right length?
  • Is the text correctly structured with relevant subtitles?
  • You don’t have spelling mistakes, and your syntax is correct?
  • Does it include photos and illustrations separately and correctly identified?
  • Does it include your biography and email to link it with your Gravatar account?

If you have any questions or want to submit an article, you can write an email to  admin@beautyhealthytips.com using “Guest Post Wanted” in the header.

Finally, I tell you that it will be a pleasure to become a guest blogger on this blog, and I hope you can also take full advantage of the visibility and dissemination that digital marketing brings. Here you have more information about the benefits of guest posting.

Few categories that we accept articles from:

  • Beauty Tips & tricks – Write for us
  • Health tips & tricks – Write for us
  • Fashion trends – Write for us
  • Makeup tips & tricks – Write for us
  • Latest Makeup products update – Write for us
  • Food – Write for us
  • Hobbies – Write for us
  • Lifestyle – Write for us
  • Product Reviews – Write for us
  • Parenting – Write for us