Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are Injectables that enhance your lip size with a little added volume. Your lips look fuller. 

But, the question is-Is there any way to reverse its effect if you don’t like it? 

This post is all about this possibility with injectables. Certainly, they can volumise your lips or cheeks for up to 18 months, depending on the type of filler that your doctor has used. 

On the flip side, if you’re not happy, avoid waiting for months. You can make it dissolve fully or partially to look better.   

Let’s get through how it happens.  

Not All Injectables are Reversible

Take into account that only hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero are dissolvable. 

Well, HA is a protein that is naturally found in the connective tissues of our body. It adds a splash of glow from the inside by keeping your skin lubricated. This hydration keeps your skin smooth and plump. 

Now, researchers have found it via research. So, you can have it synthetically made in laboratories. These are reversible. Unfortunately, doctors cannot undo other Injectables to remove them from your skin, cheeks, nose, or lips.  The good thing is that they won’t last forever. Over time, their impact fades away. To retain it or keep it for a long time, some follow-up Injectables are must-haves.

How Can You Remove Non-HA Fillers?

If the doctor has used Botox or any non-HA filler, and you don’t like the end result, meet an experienced aesthetician. He should be certified in aesthetic science. His experience may help you to even out the lumpiness with more injectables. 

Else, you have to wait for your filler to be dissolved naturally over time. There is another option, which is to do surgery for removal. 

So, you must ask yourself this question to your doctor beforehand. Then decide which injectable you should choose. 

How Does an Injectable Dissolve? 

To dissolve HA-based lip fillers, the injection of hyaluronidase is injected near the filler. 

It is also found in your body in the form of an enzyme. This lab-made hyaluronidase is a concentrated synthetic type of that enzyme. As it is inserted, the filler molecules start breaking down. It helps in quickly dissolving the filler, which might be a year-long process naturally.   

However, its use is not new. The medical world has been using it for almost 20 years for different purposes.

At present, it is aestheticians’ favourite injectable that can speed up the synthesis of cheek, lip, and other fillers used. 

Now that you know about it, you have an option to get off that unnatural look. You may start the procedure. Start with a consultation. Request him or any cosmetic surgeon to dissolve them through hyaluronidase.  

But, don’t forget to share your expectations, risks, pain, and options during consultation. 

How is the Filler Dissolved?

All these points give you a general idea about what you can expect. 

  • The procedure will start with a patch test. A small pint of hyaluronidase will be applied to your arm. It helps in discovering if there is any sign of allergy or sensitivity. This small patch test makes the entire procedure simpler. 
  • If everything seems fine with sensitivity or allergic reaction, the procedure to numb your lip area will start. A numbing cream will be applied so that you won’t feel discomfort when injected. 
  • For partial removal of that filler, the hyaluronidase may be diluted, so your lips look naturally augmented. 
  • Certainly, not just one but many different areas on or around your lips will be injected with it. It simplifies reaching out to the filler closely. 
  • Once done, the injected lip area will be cleansed again and a lotion or aftercare cream will be applied. 

How Long Does it Take to Dissolve Fillers?

Generally, it requires 8 to 12 months or more. Hyluronidase speeds it up and has the capacity to straightaway show effects.  But, the anatomy of every person is different so is the lifestyle. Therefore, the noticeable difference can be visible at a different rate. 

Brands also matter in making a difference. A few brands’ fillers break down immediately while some more takes time. 

There is another important factor, which is the amount (how much you want to get dissolved). This treatment may be longer than you expect if you won’t achieve the result in accordance with your desire.  

Mild swelling is absolutely ok, which may leave you with swollen or fuller lips. This can happen because of the injectable. Also, the dissolving filler also adds extra volume.

Safe or Unsafe?

Like fillers, this treatment is safe provided that a certified and experienced surgeon or dermatologist is doing it. 

But still, you should consider the possible risks associated with it. 

The chances of allergic reactions are minimal.  A Trusted Source says that typically it may not cause any allergic reactions. But, there is a low chance. Only 0.1% of people feel itching and experience swelling. 

Considering this fact, the risk would be threatening if its dose is more than 100,000 IU. Likewise, the risk of allergy increases up to a +31% rate if your dose is 200,000 IU.

The surgeons or doctors know about this fact. So, they always start with the smallest dose. It helps them to turn this chance of allergic reaction to the minimal possible rate.

The reaction may also happen if hyaluronidase meets a few medications, which can be a treatment for anxiety and antihistamines. 

There is another possibility. Hyaluronidase could potentially synthesize fillers together with naturally present HA more than what doctors expect. It can exponentially reduce the volume of that area, which again leaves unsymmetrical or uneven lips. Then, you have to wait for months to let your body naturally produce HA for even lips. 

How Much Money Does this Cosmetic Treatment Require?

The cost completely depends on how much you’re unsatisfied with, the result of lip augmentation, and the complications involved in the procedure. Sometimes, the doctor may dissolve it for free because of the policy. So, you may ask about it before the procedure. 

In case, you visit another dermatologist, let’s say a clinic for cosmetic Injectables in Coolangatta from brisbane, for dissolving the original injectable, the cost will depend on these three factors: 

  • how much hyaluronidase he requires for removing
  • the location where the injectable is
  • The experience and certification of the doctor

This cost can be up to $500 on average. For the exact cost, you have to visit the doctor yourself.  

Always take into account that this is not a home remedy that you can do yourself. It always requires a doctor to dissolve injectables clinically using his skills.  

If you find it a DIY-like thing and start doing it yourself, it would be risky. An irreparable injury may occur. To avoid such potential complications, like infections and allergic reactions, or nerve damage, consult a doctor. 


Hyaluronidase can help in dissolving hyaluronic acid lip fillers way before they break down on their own. You may visit a certified doctor or a cosmetic surgeon to seek advice and medical support. Ensure that you have shared your expectations, risks, and cost before. This information will help you re-attain even-looking lips size. 


DR Sanjay Mohindra is a skin specialist. He has been practicing aesthetic medicines and treatments through advanced technologies and Injectables. He has the most respected clinic for cosmetic Injectables in Coolangatta where state-of-art settings ensure the perfect skincare and best-fit treatments for any skin condition. Not only that, but he is a certified GP who is also certified in aesthetic science. His 30 years of experience amplifies with the increasing success rate of his treatments.