Hair Cycling
Hair Cycling

If you’ve been endlessly scrolling on TikTok — like us — you may have come across the latest beauty and haircare trends. The one we are talking about here is “hair cycling,” which was brought up by TikToker Kelsey Griffin, who claimed she was using a unique hair washing system to keep her hair healthy and growing. 

Whether you have heard about hair cycling and want more information on it or you’re just now learning about it, we are dedicating this article to defining the trend and sharing information on whether or not we think it works.

And just to clarify, this goes way beyond just skipping wash days to help improve your hair’s health. 

What Is Hair Cycling?

The term “hair cycling” is derived from the term “skin cycling,” which is more commonly known and discussed often among dermatologists and skin care enthusiasts. Hair cycling follows the skin care idea of alternating products within your hair care routine to get the healthiest hair of your life. But how does cycling your products give you healthier hair? Well, apparently, using certain products at certain times while giving your hair a break from more intense or harsh products gives your hair time to repair and replenish itself in between washes. When it comes to skin care, skin cycling can be used when people use harsh products like retinol, which exfoliate and clarify the skin. Someone may only use retinol once a week or every other day, while they use a moisturizer or a more gentle serum on the days they aren’t using retinol. 

This routine can be applied when using professional hair care products that are harsher on the hair — like a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo. While you may use this shampoo once a week, you can use a moisturizing shampoo in between to give your hair a break. Hair cycling isn’t just to give your hair a break from harsh shampoos and other products, but it’s also designed to give your hair a break from rich, deep conditioning masks, oils and other products that may contribute to a buildup. Hair cycling is all about bringing balance to your hair care routine so that your hair can naturally regulate itself. 

What Are the Benefits of Hair Cycling? 

Our hair produces natural oils, and it’s important to allow our hair to regulate and produce those natural oils to replenish and protect our strands. In theory, cycling through products to meet your hair’s many needs could allow it to regulate and produce its natural oils — which is great, but there may be more benefits.

  • Hydrated Hair – Using too many clarifying products back to back can strip your hair of its oils and can dehydrate your hair. However, suppose you leverage the hair cycling system. In that case, you can add hydrating professional shampoo products into your routine to use when you’re taking a break from detoxifying and clarifying shampoos. This will allow your hair to soak in the hydration and become more balanced. 

Healthier Scalp – Your scalp is highly sensitive and requires a lot of care. Allowing your scalp to have a break from certain products through hair cycling can help your scalp recover from buildup, flaking, dandruff and dryness.

  • Allows You to Address Multiple Concerns – If you have hair that is both frizzy and damaged, hair cycling allows you to use multiple products to target different concerns. For example, one day you can use a moisturizing shampoo and the next you can use a frizz control product. Most people have more than one concern when it comes to hair health, which is why the talk of hair cycling has become so popular. 

Does Hair Cycling Actually Work? 

It’s hard to say if hair cycling actually works. However, dermatologists do regularly recommend that their patients cycle and try different products to address hair concerns. We think it largely depends on the person and their hair. Cycling may work for some people, and it may not be the best solution for everyone. Our verdict: it depends! 

Is Hair Cycling for Everyone? 

We think that anyone can try hair cycling. However, it may not work for everyone. There are several factors that make hair cycling a routine that could be hard to follow for many. Cycling requires people to buy many different kinds of products, which can be very costly. It also requires a strict routine. So, if routines aren’t your favorite, you may not benefit from hair cycling. Another thing we would consider is the current condition of a person’s hair before trying hair cycling. If the hair is healthy and there are not many concerns, it may mean that the person has found a hair care routine and products that work best for them. However, if hair is damaged and there are multiple health concerns with the hair, hair cycling may be a routine to try out. Before switching up your routine and investing in a bunch of products, we recommend speaking with your dermatologist about your personal concerns. 

So, did you learn something new today? We sure did! There are new beauty, skin and hair care routines and hacks being published on social media every single day. So, try not to let it burden you! Finding a hair care routine that works for you is the best feeling. If you’re going to try hair cycling, we wish you the best of luck on your journey! The first step in embracing this hair care routine is finding three different shampoos and conditioners that address the concerns you have with your hair. Begin by creating a routine where you swap out the products to give your hair comprehensive care.