When the temperature sometimes rises above 40-degree Celsius during summer, it becomes tricky for people to step out from their places. The fear of damaging skin from the Ultraviolet rays is the significant reason why people avoid going out. Here are a few things you need to carry to protect your skin from the summer heat. 

Stay Hydrated, carry a water bottle. 

Dehydration is a significant problem people suffer from during hot days. Make sure you always carry a water bottle while going out in the sun. Along with water, we would suggest that you carry an energy drink. So, whenever you feel tired or exhausted after a long walk, you can calm your body with an energy drink. Your body loses a lot of water during summer, so to keep your skin fresh & hydrated, it’s essential to drink water throughout the day. 

Protect your eyes, wear sunglasses 

Another important thing you need to carry in your bag is sunglasses. Excessive exposure to the sun can damage your eyes. We advise you to purchase UV protection sunglasses that protect your eyes and eyesight from the harmful UV rays. 

Prevent your skin from getting damaged, carry sunscreen in your bag 

People are vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays, making it highly essential for them to protect their skin. Apply high SPF sunscreen on the face and neck when stepping out from home. Use sunscreen of at least 40 SPF to keep sun damage at bay. 


Heavy makeup is a no-no to summers, but blush is a must. Dab your cheeks with your favourite blush to look fresh and glowy. It will instantly make you summer-ready. 

Oil-absorbing paper 

One of the biggest frustrations during the humid season is oil. Excessive oil on the face can make you look bad and unclean. Always carry oil-absorbing paper that will wipe out all the oil from your skin without disturbing your makeup. 

Give shade to your body, hold an umbrella. 

Umbrella is one of the essential things that help you to bear the sun beating. However, we hardly see anyone carrying an umbrella in India because of inconvenience. We advise you to purchase a portable umbrella that easily gets opened and closed without taking up the ample space in your bag. If you can’t tolerate the heat, then an umbrella is a must-have accessory for you. 


Sweating is a natural phenomenon in humans for keeping the body cool and preventing it from warm environments. But the unpleasant odour of sweating  makes you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when you talk to others. Always keep a tiny deodorant in your bag. Whenever you feel an unpleasant odour, spray the deodorant on your body. It will not only make you feel revived but also please people around you. 

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the essential things to keep in a bag during summer will help you a lot. All the things mentioned above are necessary, but give priority to sunscreen and a water bottle. Because these essentials will prevent you from sun damage and keep your body, skin, and mind relaxed and beautiful all day.