Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Merchandising

If there is one word that successfully captures the essence of the fashion industry, it is ‘relentless.’ The industry is relentless in its dynamics, relentless in its upgrades of consumer tastes, and naturally, relentless in its pursuit of fresh entrants who can propel it forward onto an exciting road to change. Of all aspects of the industry, few come close to the relentless fashion merchandising sector, wherein change is the only thing that’s constant. 

What is it all about, and how can you get onto the field of fashion merchandising? Let’s find out. 

What is fashion merchandising all about?

A good mix of three – fashion, marketing, and business management, fashion merchandising is all about the planning and promotion of a brand’s offerings by ensuring proper presentation to the right audience at the right time. It involves the use of skilful and organised advertising via strategised product placements, attractive window displays, owning the right inventory at pocket-friendly costs, and more. 

A fashion merchandiser is responsible for predicting fashion and investing in an inventory accordingly, planning and implementing store layouts, and collaborating with top designers and suppliers. 

Skills needed to become a fashion merchandiser

An aspiring fashion merchandiser needs to have a host of skills in their arsenal to become successful at what they do. The major technical and transferable skills are listed below –

  • Fashion awareness – knowledge of the latest trends and news at any given time.
  • A keen eye for details – a successful fashion merchandiser doesn’t miss a thing, from the entryway to the window displays, from the visual aesthetics to the soothing aroma and mild music! 
  • Ability to meet stringent deadlines – the industry is as demanding as it is rewarding. 
  • Communication skills to interact well with clients, suppliers, collaborators, designers, and more. 
  • Prompt and top-notch customer service skills 
  • Creative passion that shows itself in the plethora of ideas for attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. 

Career scope after fashion merchandising masters program 

For those aspiring to pursue formal training in fashion merchandising, the good news is that the field is a fertile ground, offering ample opportunities in the form of the following job roles –

  • Visual merchandiser
  • Fashion advertising director 
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fashion retailer 
  • Fashion promotion specialist
  • Window dresser 
  • Clothing wholesaler 
  • Importer 
  • Fashion advertising agent 

Are there any educational requirements? 

Well, yes – a professional degree program in fashion merchandising, when pursued from a reputed institution, increases your chances of being employed by top fashion houses. Plus, a formal setup wherein you get to learn all the tools of the trade is worth investing in. Students need to first ensure they complete their Class 12 from a recognised board or university. 

Once this milestone has been achieved, the next step is to get themselves enrolled in a graduation program in fashion merchandising or a bachelor’s degree. Finally, it is always best to have a 360-degree learning experience by pursuing a fashion merchandising masters program. If one has passed their graduation from a different field, it is still possible to pursue a diploma course in fashion merchandising before opting for a masters program in the same.

Fashion merchandising, though one of the underdogs of the fashion industry, is a highly lucrative field, and many are waking up to understanding it for what it is – creative and fulfilling work. 

Aspirants wishing to make their name in this part of the fashion industry can start by pursuing fashion merchandising masters program from the prestigious Pearl Academy, wherein students are guaranteed a 360-degree learning experience via comprehensive learning models, both theoretical and practical.