Do you have frizzy hair? So these hairstyles can be your allies to hide it on any occasion.

There are so many hair varieties that practically every woman in the world has different hair . There are those who complain of oily hair and those who fight every morning to achieve some volume in their manes, but today it is the turn of the girls with frizz hair . If your hair is frizzy at the slightest contact with moisture and you are used to having to help yourself with a bun to hide your electrified hair, here are some infallible hairstyles that will get you out of more trouble .

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We have chosen options for all tastes and occasions , so you will surely find one for you. It doesn’t matter if you need this hairstyle for a party or a special event or simply to go to the office. Here are ideas that can be adapted to any situation. Check out!

Braid or pigtail undone effect

Another option is to try casual looking pigtails and braids. If you prefer a high ponytail, it is preferable that it be more taut as this will remove all the volume from the top. However we recommend a ponytail at medium height or even low. This type of collection allows you to play much more with the frizz texture , and leave strands out. A detail that makes a difference is to wrap the rubber with a lock.

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Feminine Trick : apply a little texturizing spray at the root of your hair, it will give much more volume to your ponytail and will last for much longer perfect. We love this one from Schwarzkopf Professional, it provides body and volume instantly and maintains the natural movement of the hair.

A braid also offers you endless possibilities . You know, strategically pull out a strand of hair and add volume to the braided part. Effortless chic !

Hair accessories

They are always a good solution. They can help you divert attention or control your frizzy hair. A headband will help you fix your hair , just like you can do with a barrette. You’ll find all styles and shapes, so just include them in your hairstyles. Whether you top off a bow with a jewel headband or a floral-inspired pin, no one will notice that your hair is frizzy. Say goodbye to bad hair days ! We give you 3 options of accessories that we simply love.

  • Pack of 6 printed headbands, buy on Amazon for € 10.99 .
  • Silver jewel headband, buy on Amazon for € 4.99 .
  • Pack of 6 golden and pearl hair clips, buy on Amazon for € 6.99 .
  • Pack of 6 bows for pigtails and bows, buy on Amazon for € 12.99 .

Pass the scissors

In addition to combing, cutting can also be a great help to your hair . Hair with a tendency to curl is usually dry, so you will be familiar with serum, lacquer, or gels with different finishes . Many times these products also damage your hair and by breaking the hair fiber , the frizz effect is doubled. Take care of your hair from the inside, following a balanced diet rich in fruits, regularly use hydrating masks and oils, never rub wet hair with a towel , and avoid excessive exposure of your hair to irons, curling irons and dryers. These are some of the most effective and respectful anti-frizz products for your hair:

  • SCHWARZKOPF OSIS MAGIC, Anti-Frizz Glitter Cream, Buy from Amazon for € 11.63 .
  • Kerastase Discipline, Anti-frizz mask, buy on Amazon for € 30.29 .
  • Moroccanoil Hair Oil buy on Amazon for € 35.73 .

It is not advisable to wear a very short mane, since it is easier for the frizz effect to take over you. A midi cut , or shoulder hair, can also be of great help in preventing your hair from frizz . If you opt for a long bob , texture the ends so that the whole mane has that scruffy air . Of course, avoid the very centered line so that the frizz is not noticeable. It is very important that you play with the volumes and waves . Instead of hiding your firzz hair, play with it in your hair creations .

As always, if you need more inspiration , nothing like our celebrities to take the big step and go to the hairdresser to make you one of the most demanded cuts by it girls .