Having hair that is neither oily nor dry is a great luck, but it is still important to give it the necessary care to keep it strong, healthy and shiny. Do you know which ones they are? We will tell you!

If you don’t have to deal with oily hair , dry hair , or frizz , you are lucky! Your hair is neither too thick nor too fine, it is soft, it has a natural volume, it is easy to comb and it is usually quite shiny. Therefore, your hair does not usually need specific treatments.

However, to keep it as beautiful as ever and prevent it from being spoiled by bad habits or products, it is necessary to follow some daily care tips . Do you want to know what they are? Read on to discover them!

The ideal hygiene routine

The washing frequency may be what you consider necessary, depending on your lifestyle and needs. Do it with a mild shampoo and conditioner , such as Nuggela & Sulé Onion Extract Shampoo (€ 16.76) , which provides a healthy glow from the first wash.

It is important that you do not forget the conditioner, especially in the middle and ends, since although your hair is not dry, this area of ​​the hair can dry out over time, especially if you have long hair.

Do not abuse dryers or irons

Even if your hair is not dry, you should not abuse heat tools. These can damage your hair in the long term, dry it and cause it to break, especially in the case of irons or curling irons. It is best that you use them occasionally and always applying a heat protection product such as Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​Coconut Hair Protection Spray (€ 12.24) first , to keep you protected before applying a heat tool.

In the case of the dryer, always keep a few cm away, even if it takes a little longer to dry it, it is worth not risking your hair! And in good weather, of course, it is best to air dry.
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Pamper your hair with extra hydration

Hydration is essential to have healthy hair. Although it is not necessary to apply moisturizing products too often in the case of normal hair, this step should not be completely forgotten.
After the summer or a time when you have used heat tools or other products that can damage your hair, we recommend that you apply masks or nourishing oils so that your hair recovers its natural shine. We love the nutritious Mythic Oil with argan extract from L’oreal Paris (€ 10.95).
As for the masks, we recommend that you try the fantastic pack of hair repair mask with macadamia oil and an argan essential oil from Luckyfine (€ 13.99), perfect combination to hydrate your hair once a week at least.

Cut yourself once in a while!

Cleaning the ends is a completely necessary step to maintain healthy and strong hair . So the ideal is that you go to the hairdresser every 2 or 3 months. This way you will make your hair look even healthier.

Have you taken note? Follow these tips and show off your mane!