Having hydrated skin is a sign of good health, that’s why choosing body cream is so important. Below, we reveal all the secrets to choose the perfect body milk for you according to the needs of your skin.

The importance of hydrating the body skin well

The skin, when it is lacking in water, gains sagging and produces a feeling of discomfort. Nourishing it is essential so that it can regenerate properly and prevent it from drying out. Any type of skin can become dehydrated. The skins dry because they dry naturally due to a low production of sebum, and the rest of skins, such as fats, for the use of pickling products, for example.

Applying a moisturizing body milk , thanks to its aqueous and oily formula at the same time, produces a protective layer on the body with which we prevent the water that we eliminate daily from evaporating naturally and, therefore, we achieve that the skin stay hydrated. That is why it is so important to hydrate daily and do it after the shower , because this way we nourish the skin and restore its softness. As for the components of the moisturizer, shea butter, vegetable oils or sweet almonds are more than recommended because thanks to their properties they hydrate the epidermis in depth.

Thus, when you have to show off your palm in a bikini, your skin will be in perfect magazine condition, like that of our favorite celebs.

It is essential to nourish the skin throughout the year. In summer, with good hydration, we will prolong the tan. And in winter, we will protect the skin from external factors that tend to dry it and damage it (wind, cold, pollution, air conditioning, heating, etc.). And let’s not forget that tiredness is another factor that contributes to skin dehydration, because in these conditions it cannot defend itself.
At that time the hydrating treatment intervenes, which is responsible for caring for the skin and preventing it from aging.

A body moisturizer for every skin type

There is a wide range of possibilities from which to choose both at the level of skin type and at the level of textures ; creams, milks, oils, etc. In any case, if you decide on body milk, choose one that is not fat. The effectiveness of the treatment will always depend on whether the chosen product is adapted to our skin type or not. If you don’t know, ask your dermatologist for advice. He can also advise you about the care that is best for you.

For dry skin:If you feel that the skin is pulling you, you feel like you have scales or redness easily, we recommend oils and body butter. They are perfect for dissipating itching and tightness. In addition, they prevent the appearance of wrinkles. We also propose a body care based on aloe vera, known for its relaxing properties, or cocoa butter. However, you should avoid scented milks because they tend to dry the skin too much.

For combination or oily skin :Oily skin naturally secretes more sebum than normal skin. Hence, they often shine or look greasy. The goal of your body cream should be to regulate the skin instead of hydrating it. As for the texture, choose fluid, lighter creams, such as a gel or lotion, that are quickly absorbed and hydrate without giving a greasy sensation. There is no use buying nourishing creams or creams that dry the skin. We will only make the situation worse!

For atopic and sensitive skin: Atopic and sensitive skin needs specific care, so you should opt for products that are respectful with the skin, if possible formulated with natural ingredients, without perfumes, and that provide your skin with a feeling of relief while hydrating it.

How to apply it

Whatever care you choose, you must apply it to clean, well-dried skin, preferably after a bath or shower. Use it daily to restore your vitality to your body. In addition, as we have already recommended, it must be applied throughout the year and throughout the body.

Massage well until the skin has completely absorbed the product. Not to mention that the massage will be great for circulation.

For drier areas, such as elbows or knees, choose an emollient cream whose soothing properties are especially indicated for extremely dry areas. And it boasts beautiful legs!

Multi-functional body milk

There are more and more body milks that act on various aspects, apart from hydrating: they firm, tone, slim, self-tan, fight aging, etc. The moisturizer thus becomes a multifunctional weapon against dehydration of the skin and also against cellulite or aging. If you have fragile skin and you tend to suffer from allergies, here is a good tip: opt for organic cosmetic care.

Our shopping list

Now that you know the theory perfectly, the time has come to practice and that is why we share with you our recommendations for favorite products that you will find on Amazon and that will surely cover your body hydration needs perfectly.

Dry skin: This Nivea body milk with olive oil is perfect for dry skin, as it nourishes the skin of the body in depth, hydrating it from the inside and relieving the feeling of tightness.

Oily skin: This moisturizing and refreshing lotion from Weleda is perfect for oily skin, since it hydrates without giving a feeling of heaviness thanks to its light texture and quick absorption. It is formulated with natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera, coconut oil or sesame, it is ideal to use after sunbathing.

Atopic and Sensitive Skin: This FarmaDorsch ultra-nutritive milk renews and regenerates the tissues, relieving skin irritation, while nourishing and deeply hydrating it. It is ideal for atopic skin that suffers from frequent itching, eczema, redness or irritation.