Do you want to get much brighter hair? So, continue reading and discover the five tips and tricks that we give you to get a long hair.

Shiny, beautiful and hydrated hair seems like an impossible dream to achieve. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we dedicate enough time to it and take good care of it, we can achieve a mane worthy of announcement. After the summer, and after the effect of the sea salt, the sun or the heat of the irons, it is normal to see that our hair becomes drier and loses shine . But don’t worry, everything has a solution! We give you some tricks to restore hydration to your hair and make it shine more than even that of these celebrities . Take note!

1. First of all, hydration

The most important step for shiny hair is to pamper and take care of it to the maximum , it is never enough! We know that there are many reasons why hair can lose shine. Two of them are excess moisture and a lack of protein, which are a constant problem but very easy to solve.

The artificial coloration of the hair, as well as the heating devices – such as the hairdryer, the iron and the tweezers – rob the shine of the hair and make it more easily damaged. It is important to carry out a hydrating treatment once or twice a week, leaving the product to work for at least half an hour . You can do it at home using hair oils, some moisturizing ampoules or your usual conditioner.

2. Dry properly

Taking good care of the hair is not the only thing that gives it shine, we must also learn to dry it correctly. It is essential that you allow your hair to air dry a bit before using the blow dryer or that you wipe it off with a towel first, avoid using the blow dryer with your hair completely wet! Next, blow-dry the hair so that the air stream runs from the roots to the ends. This will ensure that the cuticle of the hair surface closes and that your hair shines more. Also, do not forget to apply some type of hair protector against heat.

3. Products with micellar water: the solution to revitalize your hair

Did you think that micellar water could only be used on the face? Well you were wrong! This refreshing and effective product also exists in hair products. In fact it is a great option when it comes to returning hydration to our hair. A shampoo, conditioner, or spray containing micellar water cleanses deeply and removes impurities without drying out or being aggressive . Nourishes and hydrates hair quickly and easily.

4. Foam products to avoid caking

If you want nourished, shiny and weightless hair, you should not only follow the advice above, it’s also important to pay attention to the little details. If your hair is especially straight and has lost strength after the summer, we recommend that you start using a foam conditioner. Its advantages? It not only provides hydration to the hair, but also a certain volume, thus preventing it from weighing us down. Although it sounds a bit strange to you, the truth is that it is applied just like a normal conditioner, but having a different texture the result we obtain is different.

When you get out of the shower, try not to rub the hair with the towel, but gently tap it to remove the moisture: take the towel and press strand by strand from root to tip. When styling , be very careful and use a thick- toothed comb or detangling brush . Wet hair is very delicate and easily damaged!

5. Healthy nutrition for shiny hair

Just as you can take care of your hair from the outside, you can also do it from the inside. How? Following a healthy and balanced diet! What we ingest influences the internal structure of the hair and, therefore, its shine . The state of the hair is said to be a reflection of the general state in which we find ourselves.

A balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids is vital for our hair, since these substances act as a cure from the inside. For this reason, your dishes should never lack ingredients such as blue fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. It is also important to sleep the recommended hours and be relaxed . Stress eventually causes hair to become brittle and dull.

Homemade hair mask to give your hair an extra shine

We know that there is nothing like putting your mane in the hands of professionals in a beauty salon or hairdresser to enhance the shine of your hair, but at home there are also treatments you can do to go from dull hair to super hair. shiny.

To make this mask you will only need a natural yogurt, two tablespoons of lemon juice and two egg whites. As you can see, all natural ingredients that you surely already have in your kitchen.

How to apply:
1. Mix all the ingredients well until obtaining a homogeneous texture.
2. Apply the mixture to dry or wet hair, avoiding roots.
3. Let it act for 30 to 40 minutes.
4. Rinse with cold water and wash your hair with your usual shampoo.

Apply once a week and add this ritual to your hair care routine. You will notice the change!