Social Drinking
Social Drinking

Alcohol addiction is a tricky business!

Mostly because we have seen people drink in social settings, gatherings, events, and even holidays. Then where do social drinking ends and alcohol addiction begins?

It is very difficult to tell.

The worst part is since alcohol has become such a common part of our lives, it is impossible to make the addiction patient understand that there is a problem.

They will try to be in denial for as long as they can.

Rather they are totally oblivious to their ‘drinking problem’ and simply keep order at the bartender.

If you are watching a friend or a colleague getting too drunk almost every day, and yet they are not ready to accept it, then you could be a little daunted about approaching the situation.

However, in this article below, we have talked about some of the striking differences between social drinking and alcohol addiction.

We will talk a little about alcohol addiction and what you should do when confronted with such a situation. Then we will directly go to the part where we discuss the differences.

By the end, you will be able to clear your suspicion about that friend.

What Is Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is drinking in the morning when it is not a casual weekend brunch.

Alcohol addiction is about finding empty bottles of alcohol everywhere, no matter what the day is.

Alcohol addiction is coming to work drunk or always hungover.

Alcohol addiction is getting into a fight for no reason after getting too intoxicated with the substance.

These are spheres of alcohol addiction, and we might be able to see them or even ignore them from time to time.

If you want someone to get rid of the alcohol addiction, then you have to first analyze and note the signs to assure whether it is alcohol addiction. Then you can enroll in our recovery center for recovery; our features will match all your recovery needs.

You can also try the method of intervention, which will help your friend see why what they are doing isn’t right.

Then there is therapy, medical detox, and holistic recovery, which will help the patient clean the body, deal with withdrawal, and eventually find a path to recovery and a new life without addiction.

What Is The Difference Between Social Drinking & Alcohol Addiction

When someone is just drinking for social nicety, you see someone drinking one or two glasses to mingle around the social setting.

People who only drink in such a social setting do not drink when they are alone because they do not have a reason.

However, when it comes to people with alcohol addiction, they are more excited about the alcohol than the people in an event.

For them, there is no stopping with glass. In fact, there is no stopping to the point when you can see their physical drunkenness, and they will start acting like something which is clearly not socially acceptable.

Here Is How You Can Tell The Difference

Now that you have understood the difference lightly, here is a better way to understand this difference.

These are some of the tell-tale signs that someone is not just social drinking, but they have an alcohol addiction.

1. Working & Drinking

Drinking on the weekends is a good time to relieve the weekday work stress. However, if someone gets drunk during their work time or has a hangover every day, there is a problem.

This means that there is a substance that is affecting their daily job. This is the clear definition of addiction.

2. Drinking To Get Drunk

Sometimes we drink in social settings because of the etiquette, and yes, we are capable of saying no,

But, when someone cannot say no, and they will keep on drinking until the bar closes, then the issue is quite tell-tale.

They are drinking for the sole purpose of escaping reality and getting drunk.

This is your moment to go address the issue with them.

3. Not Remembering Accounts Of Drinking

Let’s say someone has gotten drunk excessively and acted in an unsocial way. Have you ever asked whether they remember that account of drinking?

If they say no, now you will ask how many times in a month or a week this is happening.

If it is more than once, even in a month, this person is not just a social drinker. So, if you are worried about someone, it is important to keep tabs on these things.

4. Destructive Behavior After Drinking

Destructive behavior is also very common among an individual who is not drinking because of socializing.

They have an issue that makes them lose their inhibitions and their sense of social behavior, and this will also affect their physical health.

5. Bottles Everywhere

Are you finding hidden or openly displaying empty bottles everywhere when you visit them?

Is it getting difficult to keep tabs on the number of times they have poured themselves a drink without any cause?

Your suspicions might not be wrong.

6. Every Occasion Requires Drinking

Social settings are like events and special occasions for which you could take some time for a glass or two.

However, if you know someone who wants to get drunk all the time, and is just looking for an occasion or making one, then they are again just looking to get drunk.

7. Having An Urgency To Drink

All the above-mentioned signs could be debunked if the person doesn’t feel an urgency to drink. However, if you find someone in literal pain because they cannot drink, then the issue is bigger than them just being drunk.

This means they are going through the stage of withdrawal.

Drunk, Not Just Drinking!

Even if you only see this person in a social setting and find them drunk all the time, then you have every right to be suspicious.

It is better to approach them yourself rather than get someone else involved.

Any form of addiction is sensitive, and you must handle it delicately.