Is it possible to lose weight by running? Of course, if you start training today, soon you will get rid of those other kilos accumulated in your abdomen! Keep reading that we are going to tell you how to get it!

Is it good to run to lose weight? Yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s worth it. Because losing weight by running is fast, effective and makes you really fit! The prospect of a slim and toned body should motivate you to jump off the couch onto the race track. The best thing about running? You just need good sneakers and want to. In addition, you do not have to enroll in any sports center. Just put on your sports outfit and try it!

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Even if you want to speed up weight loss, you can do some work on your eating habits.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why running to lose weight works so well:

1. Burns a lot of calories

Running is exhausting, it is evident that the kilos weigh but it all depends on the intensity you want to give it. The amount of calories burned with this sport depends on the age, weight, sex and speed of the race. But you can burn an average of 250-300 kcal for 30 minutes.

A tip: you can lose even more weight by doing small sprints. If you don’t always run at the same speed, you can increase calorie burn with periods of time where you run more intensely. This is called interval training, and by alternating intense phases in which the pulse rate is very high with more relaxed phases, more calories are burned.

2. Running involves leg, buttock and stomach training

Running is not only perfect for losing weight, but also to get our entire body in shape. It is clear that you will gain muscle in the legs and lose fat, but you will also be training your glutes and abdomen with this sport.

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3. Stress is reduced

Stress is the biggest enemy against weight loss. Due to all the stress hormones, more fat is stored in the belly and often eaten more. The best remedy against stress is sports. You can run to lose weight because, in addition to burning calories , you reduce the amount of stress hormones at the same time. This is highly effective in achieving a flat stomach.

Tip: Most runners are motivated by the music they listen to while playing this sport. Find a playlist that you like, find a race rhythm with which you feel comfortable and you will see how you will motivate yourself much more.

4. Running releases feelings of happiness

Another positive effect of running is that we release endorphins – one of the hormones of happiness. After a running session you feel great and happy and satisfied people have fewer cravings. Thus, they eat less and lose weight faster.

5. After running you prefer to have something healthy

French fries, chocolate, pizza … after running, you are probably hungry but surely, now that you have decided to start taking care of yourself, you prefer something healthy. Through sport, you get a better body feeling and you just want to have healthy habits for the body. You will notice that you feel more and more like fresh and homemade food , and therefore you will be much less likely to eat fast food or ready meals.

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Running to lose weight: workout plan for beginners

Surely these five compelling reasons have awakened in you the desire to go running. If you’ve never run before, you’re probably not sure how to do it. Our advice is to take it easy. Running is quite exhausting and at first it involves making an effort that you will surely not be used to. So don’t force yourself to always run for 30 minutes, start slowly. Fortunately, you can also lose weight by running at short intervals.

Beginner’s Program: Go for a run 35 minutes the first few times. At first, jog slowly for 5 minutes in turns, then walk for another 5 minutes to recover. If you feel fit after a week or two, you can change the intervals. Run for 10 minutes and only walk 5 minutes in the middle of your sport session. To finish, stretch for 15 minutes. Increase the pace gradually until you can do 45 minutes in a row.

To notice rapid improvement in results, you should go running at least twice a week.

An even greater success in weight loss is accompanying it with a proper diet

Just by running , you will lose weight. But losing weight and being fit not only means doing sports, but also incorporating a healthy diet. So to see success as soon as possible, you must take care of your diet at the same time. Choose a balanced diet with low-calorie foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products; and eliminates calorie bombs like fast food, cakes and sweets. The latter should be consumed in small quantities and on rare occasions.

In short, an active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and to reach and maintain a healthy weight.