Short hair is here to stay. It is flattering, comfortable and adds a touch of style to your look. Do you want to know what are the trends in women’s short haircuts this season? We will tell you.

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Long hair has slipped into all the cutting trends for a long time and since then it has been slowly gaining ground on long hair. Short hair is very versatile and allows you to choose from a wide variety of styles, from pixie cuts to short bobs, through the classic cuts in the purest garçon style , suitable only for the most daring. These cuts are especially flattering if you have an elongated face and can sit very well on round faces, as long as the cut is made at chin height. If you are thinking of a change of look that involves throwing scissors or if you want to give a new look to your already short hair, we have made a selection of the short haircuts for women that will undoubtedly succeed this season, sign up for the the most chic manes of the coming months!

1. French bob cut

A perfect cut for wavy hair, based on the curtain bang bangs , straight but tousled and with volume, and with a cut at the height of the ear also straight. It is flattering and very easy to style, if you have wavy hair you just have to let it air dry and voila, you will have the hairstyle of the season without having to turn on the dryer.

2. Half mane with surf waves

Another flattering yet comfortable hairstyle, the surf waves are full of styles and have a rejuvenating messy finish and perfect for the spring and summer season. This hairstyle will make you do not need to carry the hair straightener wherever you go. You can choose the length of the cut you prefer, at the height of the ear, the jaw and even the shoulder if you do not want to risk much.

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3. Lobs, the long bob does not go out of style

The perfect cut if you want to cut your hair and say goodbye to the typical long hair, but you do not want to risk too much. It is perfect for any hairstyle, for straight or curly hair, whether you have bangs, or if you have a parting in the middle, it is a very versatile and flattering cut. It is the most popular version of the bob cut , but with a longer cut, with a length that can reach the shoulders . It is slightly inclined, although it has less inclination than the short bob version If you want to achieve natural waves with your lob cut, you just have to let it air dry after the shower and apply a curl cream ( we recommend this one from the Osis + line)for a natural, slightly marked result). If, on the other hand, you want a straight long bob hairstyle, as Paula Echevarría looks, use the iron when your hair is completely dry. We recommend applying a thermal protector beforehand to prevent the hair from being damaged after each straightening.

4. The pixie cut in its multiple versions

The pixie cut ceased to be a men’s cut to become one of the most iconic, groundbreaking and chic women’s cuts. Those who have dared to break with the classic manes to go to a pixie cut are in luck, because this style will continue to be fashionable in the coming seasons . With Úrsula Corberó as one of her ambassadors, the pixie cut continues to gain supporters. And let’s be honest, it is an exceptional option for the summer heat, you just need to use a little dryer to style it.

5. Bring your curls to life

Garçon-style cuts or half-length hair with curly hair are a trend this season. The curly movement has brought sharpened curls back into fashion and a ritual has been created around the care of curly hair. If you want to enhance your curls, you should use sulfate-free hair products, an ingredient that can increase the weight of your hair and reduce definition in your curls.

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5. Cut with Baby Bang bangs

The most daring and rebellious bangs of recent seasons continue to revolutionize the coming months, as it continues to be one of the most notable trends in terms of haircuts. The Baby Bang is nothing but a straight bangs that ends in the middle of the forehead . It can be combined with an ear-length half-mane, in true Tokyo style and will also be the perfect complement to an asymmetrical mane with messy waves . It is a daring bangs but that will give you a very rocky touch if you dare with it.

The haircut is undoubtedly a hallmark of your look and short hair has become one of the most flattering trends of recent seasons. Not only is it capable of giving more volume to your mane, but it can also emphasize the features of your face making you feel very favored. In addition, it is very easy to comb and will take much less time than if you have long hair. At the jaw height, layered, with an asymmetric cut, the options to choose from are endless. In addition, you can play to combine the cut with the perfect color, blonde, with highlights and even gray, so you will achieve a totally personalized style and created according to your tastes. You can also find a variety of hairstyles for short hair, use accessories such as headbands or turbans and create a perfect look. If you still need more inspiration,