If you still do not know the curly method, you are missing the opportunity to define your curls and get a mane of those that make you turn on the street. We have summarized the ritual created by Lorraine Massey in just 4 steps and this is all you need.

Having a mane full of curls is fortunate, and it is that this look is not only very flattering and wild, it is also an identity brand that fills your hairstyle with personality. The problem is that the use of the iron or the dryer gradually diminishes the definition of our curls, making what were once perfectly defined loops, now they are more like unmade water waves. Without realizing it, your curls are no longer what they were and you want to recover that mane that characterized you so much, well, the curly method is here to give you the key to achieve it.

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Stylist Lorraine Massey has developed the Curly method precisely to bring curly manes to life. We have summarized their tips in 4 steps with which you can get started in the curly world .

1. Forget about sulfates

The first thing you should do is say goodbye to your hair products with sulfates . This ingredient is in charge of eliminating the excess natural fat in our hair, it is not harmful to the health of the scalp, but it makes the curls lose some definition. Some variants within this movement, opt for the low-poo method , that is, avoid the use of shampoo when washing your hair and, instead, use a mask without sulfates . We do not recommend that you do without shampoo, since having a clean scalp is synonymous with having a healthy scalp. Of course, you can replace a sulfate shampoo with a natural product that dispenses with them. We give you several options.The Curly method also recommends avoiding other ingredients such as silicones or alcohol as they accumulate on the scalp and can only be removed with sulfates.

Shea Moisture – Coconut and hibiscus shampoo: the products of this brand do not contain sulphts and are perfect to get you started on the curly method. This shampoo is formulated with coconut and hibiscus, it cleanses your hair very gently, without altering your curls. Gives shine and hydration.

Bouclème Curl Cleanser : This foam-free shampoo leaves your scalp clean without using sulfates. It is perfect to respect the structure of your curls. It is formulated with natural ingredients such as argan oil or coconut oil, which nourish and hydrate your hair. You can find it at Look Fantastic.

2. Don’t brush your hair

If something breaks the curl of your hair, it’s the brushes with narrow spikes. Say goodbye to any brush or comb with the tines close together as they will inevitably straighten your locks and make your curls lose a lot of definition . Better opt for skeleton brushes with the spikes wide apart or with the typical fork for curly hair. Comb and detangle your hair when you still have very wet hair and avoid doing it when you already have it wet or dry.

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3. Choose suitable products to enhance your curls

Not only is shampoo important in the curly method, you should also carefully choose other products such as a mask or cream to define your curls. There are products specifically created for the curly method and they have very good results when it comes to giving life to your waves. Here are some of them:

Kinky-Curly Original – Curling Gel: Change your curled waves for elastic curls with this gel textured product that will completely revolutionize your hair. It is made with natural ingredients that respect the natural structure of your hair and provide hydration and shine.

Coconut CoWash by As I Am – Cleansing Conditioner : This conditioner is specially created for the low-poo method and is that in addition to giving shine and hydration to your hair, it cleanses your scalp in a respectful way. Also be careful with your curls and potencies for a super curly result.

4. Don’t forget the diffuser

In this last step you must fully boost your curls. To do this, use your hands as if they were a diffuser and tighten the strands of your hair to give more definition to your curls. If you want to use the blow dryer, use it only with the diffuser, otherwise your curls will fall out and will be wavy, but not very marked.

With this 4-step routine you can boost your curls to the extreme for a wild mane full of personality. The curly method is full of small rituals that you will get to know little by little, but these steps will be enough to get you started with this method and see the first results. Show off perfect curls thanks to the advice of Lorraine Massey and sport an ideal curly mane.