If you also suffer frizz in your hair, this interests you! Would you like to know how to end the frizz effect? Pay attention!

We know, frizzy hair is a hassle. It is often very difficult to control, especially if there is humidity, and you never know how it will dawn the next day. It has better seasons than others, but you never know.

However, while it may seem impossible at times, there are suitable frizz- prone hair treatments that help keep frizz at bay. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to discover them, put them into practice and show off your mane at all times.

1. Hydration, hydration and hydration

From now on this word will be your mantra. Why? Simply because the main cause of frizz is dehydration . This can be caused by various factors such as the use of irons or dryers, dyes, chlorine, sea salt or unsuitable products.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you remedy it. For this it is essential to use oils and masks that nourish in depth. If you are worried that these are too greasy, it is best that you opt for one dry. The Repair & Protect Pantene dry oil is the option you need. It is applied after washing or anytime your hair needs extra nutrition. You will only have to put a small amount of media to ends and let it dry.

2. Give your hair a boost with an intensive treatment!

Does your hair need urgent hydration and you don’t have much time? To great evils, great remedies. Opt for an intensive treatment such as Pantene Extreme Smooth ampoules . You can apply it whenever you think your hair requires extra nutrition to be healthy, shiny and frizz-free. By acting quickly, it is perfect for last minute plans or days when you don’t have much time. After washing, apply the product starting at the ends, leave to act for a minute, rinse and ready to show off your mane!

3. Use the right shampoo

To prevent this dehydration that we are talking about, you must ensure that your daily hair hygiene products are adequate. With Pantene’s Smooth and Smooth shampoo and conditioner from the same range, you will get the best result. They are perfect for wavy hair with a frizz tendency. They fight humidity and provide a soft and silky appearance. Can you ask for more?

4. Dry your hair carefully

No ducking your head and drying yourself heavily with the towel, that will only make the problem worse! Ideally, remove the moisture with a light touch with the towel . Regarding the dryer, much better if it is with a diffuser (especially for wavy or curly hair), this way the heat is distributed evenly. Another great option is ion dryers that avoid static electricity.

5. Brush it properly

It is best to first brush your hair from medium to ends and then from roots to medium. It is also important that you choose the right brush, for curly or wavy hair, the best option is wide bristles . Another very suitable option to avoid frizz are the boar bristle brushes.

6. Avoid certain tissues

Have you ever noticed that putting on a T-shirt or a dress generates static electricity? Normally they are synthetic fabrics and they are not at all beneficial if you are looking to end frizz. Our advice is to avoid all those garments that generate that effect on your hair … This also applies to bedding.

7. Choose the right haircut

Yes, the haircut also affects frizz. Cuts with very short layers can increase frizz because of the volume they generate, so it is much better for layers to be long and light. Also, wearing long hair is the best option for frizz because the hair is heavier, especially in curly or wavy hair, which tend to be more prone to frizz .