Though it’s nowhere near eye level, you might be surprised at how often you look at other people’s choice in footwear. This might not come as a surprise to you though, because while the shoes are not always the first thing you recognize about a person, they certainly can tell a lot about their personal style and personality. If your most-worn shoes are a pair of beat up high tops or leather flats that are coming apart at the soles, take this as a sign to elevate your shoe game. These 2022 footwear trends are perfect for inspiring your next shoe shopping trip.

1.Unconventional Heels:

While it’s true that almost no closet is complete without a great pair of simple heels, the latest shoe trends urge you to have a little fun and rock a pair of unconventional high heels. Unconventional refers to elements like the strap or toe covering in which recent trends show styles with shiny see-through material or mesh around the top of the foot. Other styles with oddly shaped heels or wedges (in the form of bubbles, letters and even cubes) will make onlookers do a double take when eyeing your heels. 


If clogs instantly make you think of your childhood party outfits and white ruffled socks, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the clog has recently had a seriously glamorous glow up. She’s the cool girl now and everybody wants to be her friend. Plus, this style is a close-toed option that will give you the extra lift you want while remaining comfortable all day long. 

3.Chunky Loafers:

Next on the list is a must-have if you love menswear-inspired women’s fashion or tend to lean towards a more preppy sense of style. Loafers are a timeless classic in their original form, but their recent makeover has left them trending in a fresh new way. Chunky loafers bring military style, old-school preppiness and a touch of edginess together in perfect harmony. They’re a great option for an everyday shoe style that can be dressed up or left in its casual glory. 

4.New Boots:

In years past, knee high boots and over the knee versions reigned supreme for trendiness in their division. With the oncoming of recent spring-approved trends, however, this year’s trendy boots have made a height change. Now, it’s all about boots that reach the ankle or mid calf region of the leg. This comes with the natural change in the weather, yes, but also as a response to recent hype over mid length (or tea length) dresses for spring. 

Black boots are classic, versatile and flattering for just about any leg or ankle shape. In anticipation of spring, however, you might consider a more seasonally-inspired pair of boots or booties to match trending spring 2022 colors like bright oranges and tan hues, exotic pinks and purples and other new favorites. Short or mid height boots in tan, camel or cream are a great choice for any spring wardrobe. 

5.Super Sneakers:

Whether you wear sneakers to walk, run or peruse the grocery store aisles, there’s a fresh new sneaker style for everyone this year. Recent runway and retail trends have glorified the everyday sneaker and made it more…sparkly. 

These cute sneaker options are perfect for spicing up a casual outfit and feature additions like big side zippers, fun colors, spikes and more. If you’re looking for an elevated look (in more ways than one), you’ll love that platform sneaker styles are also hard to miss right now. Lastly, there’s something fresh for the minimalists (and perhaps real runners and tennis players) in the tennis shoe department this season, too. It’s easy to spot bright, clean white sneakers from both high end fashion brands and tried and true athletic names. There’s nothing better than a pair of sparkling white sneakers for spring. 


6.Dainty Sandals:

Not all of this spring’s shoe trends are big and bulky! The season has also made dainty sandals all the rage, including styles with floss-thin straps crossing around the ankles to create a romantic, feminine look. A pair of dainty sandals is easily paired with a spring dress, making it a go-to duo this season. For a different look, try pairing your minimalist sandal styles with jeans or denim shorts to elongate your legs and create a lighter look. 

With styles leaning towards both the practical and the adventurous ends of the footwear spectrum, this year is already full of different shoe trends. Rock your classic styles and when you’re feeling creative, try out one of these fun spring shoe trends with your outfit!