How your hair is depends, above all, on the genetic factor. But in addition, hormones play an extremely important role influencing their density and being responsible for possible alopecia. Both factors are almost impossible to control, so if you want to maintain the density of your mane and even increase it, you will have to take into account other aspects that are in your hand . These are the treatments and tips that you must follow to achieve this:


Providing protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), vitamins (B5, E or H) and minerals (such as iron or zinc) to your body on a daily basis is not only essential for your diet, but will also affect to the look and strength of your hair. Add to your menus a plus of legumes, lettuce, nuts, salmon, carrots and eggs , and try to combine it with a correct and abundant hydration , your hair will notice.


You need to enhance your daily activity so that practicing it reduces stress and nerves from day to day. Controlling sleep and getting enough and good sleep will also influence stress reduction, one of the leading causes of hair loss .



Intake of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids in capsule form can improve the nutrition of hair follicles and strengthen your hair. If you prefer, there are also ampoules and lotions for topical use that will strengthen and regenerate your scalp.


Of different active ingredients or carbon dioxide (known as capillary carboxytherapy). The infiltrations are carried out in specialized centers, applying the necessary substances directly to the hair follicle using a mesotherapy gun. The procedure is gentle and serves to enhance hair regrowth and growth by stimulating collagen formation and the appearance of new blood vessels.

Biostimulation and hair phototherapy

The first one manages to regenerate follicles and increase hair growth through micro injections of plasma rich in growth factors; the second, to stimulate cellular metabolism and to clean up the follicle by giving it more volume through a laser. Both are treatments performed only by professionals and specialized centers.