Getting a movie smile is easy if you know how to paint your lips and achieving it is very simple if you follow the steps of our expert.

We will all agree that  lip makeup can  lift anyone’s spirits. It is often said that in the hardest times,  red lipsticks  are the most demanded and that this powerful color makes you look much better after use and this translates into a shot of self –  esteem  that always feels great. 

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The variety that we can find between  textures ,  colors  and  finishes  is practically infinite and you will have to be guided by your taste. While it is true, there are several tips that will enhance your lips and with which you will get your best  smile .

If your  lips  are  thin , the best thing is that you opt for  light and more striking colors  that will make  your mouth stand out  and with which you will look spectacular. Although, as we have said, the best option will be with the one that you feel most favored and, above all, comfortable.

Ready? Follow all these  easy steps  and discover  how to put on lipstick :