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Family Nurse Practitioners

What family nurse practitioners bring to schools

Working in a school is one of the most satisfying ways one can spend their time as a family nurse practitioner. It allows them...
nursing specialization options

Exploring the various nursing specialization options

Nursing is a rewarding career choice that offers a variety of specialization options, each catering to specific patient populations and healthcare needs. From the...
lymphoma research

Support Lymphoma Research in Canada

Donate to Canadian Lymphoma Research and Patients (Read About Larry’s Journey) Lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in Canada and the most common one...
Kratom Culture

Kratom Culture: Traditions and Rituals

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, and its leaves have been traditionally used for their stimulant and pain-relieving effects in the...
Fashion Merchandising

What are the Principles for Fashion Designing Marketing Merchandising?

If there is one word that successfully captures the essence of the fashion industry, it is ‘relentless.’ The industry is relentless in its dynamics,...

Back to school, check your child’s eyesight

The vision is linked to school performance. Taking your child to the ophthalmologist is an excellent way to start the course off on the right...


What you might find extra, we believe is savage! If you feel about beauty, health, fashion, and trends the way we do, then look...

Benefits of breastfeeding in mother and baby

In the words of the WHO “ breastfeeding is one of the smartest investments that a country, a community and a family can make, for the benefits of breastfeeding...

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