70% of our body is water, so it is an essential substance to be able to live. If you are one of those who have trouble drinking water, we have the solution!

The water is life! All existence is linked to this vital liquid. In fact, almost 70% of your body is made up of water , did you know that? Without water, life would not be possible, but also, our body needs continuous hydration to continue functioning. It is necessary for digestion, facilitates the elimination of toxins, acts as a temperature regulator, transports nutrients … Water is vitality, beauty, purity …

Nutrition experts recommend drinking about 1 liter or 2 liters of water daily. Do not wait to be thirsty. This is very common, and occurs in both adults and children, so water consumption is reduced. Although many of the foods we consume contain water, most of us ingest it by drinking the liquid element. Thus, multiple options open up before you when it comes to something as simple as drinking the broth of life. Infinity of types of waters, different levels of mineralization … How to choose the most suitable for our needs? If it is true that the water is odorless, colorless and tasteless … How is it that not all waters are equal?

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Water properties

Water is a substance that is made up of two atoms: hydrogen and oxygen. Although we generally find it in a liquid state, it can also be in a gaseous or solid state. Water is odorless and tasteless, and is essential to life.

Benefits of water

Hydration is one of the main reasons for water in our body, but it also contains other important properties that help provide us with a healthy lifestyle.

1. Relieve fatigue:
2. Avoid headaches and migraines.
3. It avoids constipation and favors the correct circulation of the organism.
4. Helps maintain the beauty of the skin by keeping it hydrated.
5. Regulates body temperature
6. Improves the immune system.
7. Reduce bad breath.
8. It helps to lose weight.
9. It improves the circulation of the kidneys.
10. It prevents many diseases.

Tap water

Tap water cannot be consumed in all regions of Spain due to its high lime content. In some communities like Madrid, drinking water is quite good and can be ordered even in bars and for free. When we speak of drinking water, we mean that water emerges spontaneously from the earth, and is suitable for human consumption. The origin of this water is found in the filtration of rainwater. One of the most natural and healthy types of water that exist. We think it is the healthiest type of water, because it does not contain added minerals and is the purest version of the liquid element that exists.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not consuming it regularly as it can damage the intestinal flora, but there are areas and cities where its quality is exceptional. Check that the water in your area is one of them and, if so, have no problem consuming the tap water in your home every day. If not, it is preferable that you use bottled water, even if it is plastic since otherwise it will be something detrimental to your health. Of course, you may not have the quality and purity that other types of water can offer you. If the water in your area is not the best, do not worry, you will not develop an immediate health problem. But remember that its use is not highly recommended.

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Natural mineral water

This type of water contains dissolved minerals that alter its flavor, but that provide extra nutrients to the body. To choose the mineral water to your liking, you must be well informed about what each mineral provides and for what it will be beneficial for you. Each type of mineralization is destined to a specific need of our body and organism. All this information can be very useful either to complement your diet or to take special care of yourself.

To make your task a little easier, we give you some guidelines that can help you when choosing a mineral water. Take your time in the supermarket to see the bottle labels and choose the one that best suits your needs:

Of weak mineralization : it is the most recommended to use in the preparation of baby food and for kidney problems. Because it contains fewer minerals, it will be easier for your kidneys to filter. In exchange, it does not provide minerals, which can be beneficial to your body.

Strong mineralization : they provide a large amount of calcium and magnesium. This type of water will help meet the needs of your body, and can be considered an excellent complement if you think your diet do not include all the minerals you should. Ferruginous : helps people who suffer from anemia and in general is good because it contributes iron to the body.

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To make it even more difficult, we anticipate that there are many other types of mineral water, adapted to each nutritional need: bicarbonated mineralized water, which is highly digestive and helps activate metabolism. The hiposódica mineralized water diuretic, ie, low sodium, ideal to prevent fluid retention. A the carbonic mineral water commonly called water gas. Its main function is to stimulate the digestive acids. In addition, there are also mineralized water fluoridated , recommended for preventing caries; sulfated

, which are beneficial for the digestive system, allergies, and even dermatological disorders. Finally, there are waters enriched with calcium , with magnesium , to prevent constipation, and with sodium , ideal for stabilizing cholesterol levels. Water on demand!

Taking some of these enriched water options is recommended to hydrate yourself, for example, after playing a sport. As one of those that we propose below:

Fruit and water drink recipes

Many people, despite the many benefits of water, continue to drink very little throughout the day. This can cause problems in the body, so we recommend that you start carrying a bottle in your bag or a glass on the table when you are working. These habits will change your life but also your health. Therefore, if you are one of those people who still do not get used to the water, you have to try these fruit waters:

  • Water with melon
  • Water with strawberries
  • Water with lemon
  • Water with red berries
  • Water with grapefruit

Even if you become addicted to these fruit drinks (which we know will happen to you), don’t stop eating a healthy diet and exercising if you want to stay fit and especially avoid future illnesses.