Recovery is a difficult process that can really challenge you physically and mentally. Everyone’s recovery journey is different and what works for one person might not work for another person. If you feel stuck in your recovery, it might be a good idea to try out some different regimens to help get you back to normal. Boxing can actually be a great method for recovery that allows you to simultaneously work on your physical and mental health. Still not convinced? Here’s everything you need to know about recovery through boxing:

Build Muscle

One of the most frustrating parts of recovery is losing muscle. This is especially true if you’re an athlete who has worked hard over a period of years to build up your muscular physique! All it takes is one injury to feel like you’ve lost everything that you’ve worked for. This is definitely tough but you need to remember that you can get it back! And boxing might just be the best way for you to gain muscle that you’ve lost or just gain muscle in general if you’re looking to make some sweeping lifestyle changes during your recovery.

 This is because boxing is a full-body workout that allows you to target a variety of different muscle groups throughout your body. Alongside physical therapy for your injured areas, boxing can be a great way to build back muscles that have been neglected in the initial phases of your recovery process when any physical activity was challenging or out of the question. You never really understand how weak you can get from immobilizing certain areas for a long period of time until it happens to you. Thankfully, boxing is a great way for you to build this muscle back up and tone your entire body.

Build Endurance

Boxing is also a great way to build your endurance back up during recovery. Your endurance can really take a hit after a surgery or an injury, and it’s definitely a struggle to get it back up. Even going up a flight of stairs can feel impossible! However, boxing is a great cardiovascular workout that can help you to increase your endurance, get your blood pumping, and even lose weight at the same time! Sitting around during recovery can cause you to gain unwanted weight but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can shed those pounds through boxing to lose weight and get back to your normal weight in no time.

Build Confidence

Finally, boxing can help you build confidence during recovery. Most of the time people only focus on the physical aspects of recovery, but there are mental aspects as well that are just as important. Feeling helpless, inadequate, and just overall frustrated are all normal feelings during recovery and they can be tough to tackle. So take back control of your life by boxing, take out some of your stress on the bag, and gain confidence as you slowly look and feel like your normal self. It might not be an easy process but you will feel more and more like yourself after you nail each and every boxing class.

Overall, recovery is something that you want to plan out alongside your medical team. While it’s definitely a good idea to take it slow, getting back into physical activity is vital to the process. Starting off slow with a beginner boxing class might be just the thing that you need during your recovery to benefit your physical appearance, mental state, and overall endurance. So head on over to your local boxing gym and give it a try to fast track your recovery!